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Determination of the fat content of milk and dairy products

  Determination of the fat content of whole milk, skim milk and cream in industry is generally performed by two methods. Using butyrometers and instrumental method. Both ways allow to mark the physicochemical characteristics milk necessary for the calculation of the degree of degreasing and ratio of degreasing. If one of these methods is better?  
​Determination of fat content is one of the standard analysis conducting in order to determine basic chemical composition of food products. It allows us to obtain data about the nutritional value of the product and to control technological processes, such as dairy or meat processing. The analytics food products term "fat" defined the amount of substances which can be extracted with anhydrous diethyl ether and does not leak during the drying at 105 ° C for one hour. Methods of determining the fat are mainly based on the extraction with the organic solvents or after the pre-hydrolyzed by treatment the sample with an acid or alkali solution.Such fat (separated from the product by extraction methods) defines "crude fat". Crude fat, consists of a predominant fraction proper fats, lipids (mainly phospholipids), free fatty acids, sterols, vitamins, pigments and possibly impurities originating from the solvent or the extracted material. Other extraction methods include: metody ekstrakcyjno-wagowe np. Soxhleta, Weibulla-Stoldta czy Roese-Gottlieba extraction-refractometric methods One of the simplest methods for determining the fat content, requires no expensive reagents are buthometric methods also called volumetric method. Consists in dissolving contained proteins in the sample mostly with sulfuric acid (VI) with a small amount of isoamyl alcohol, and then separating the fat with an organic solvent. This process can be carry out in special machines called butyrometers. In this method, it is important to stabilize the temperature of the samples placed inside the water bath and measured the centrifugation time of the precisely set speed.This type of test you can carry out using buthometric bath, produced by LaboPlay and available on offer. The described analysis used primarily to determine the content of fat in whole milk, skimmed milk, cream and other dairy products, and meat products and finished products. An important advantage of the method is the speed of the test and to obtain reliable data. Currently in the industry is also using methods called. indirect methods or instruments, which is characterized on the one hand the simplicity of performance, convenience, on the other hand require a previously made graph curve of the measured parameter fat content in the sample identified using classical methods of extraction. Moreover to the disadvantages we have to include need to have appropriate and often expensive apparatus. These methods are mainly used in the determination of fat content in margarine dairy products and chocolate products. Obtained information is also the basis for laying by nutritionists table of products, creating a menu taking into account the daily requirement of fat in the human diet.

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